A lonely parrot in my friends house.

A beautiful Parrot , Keelkattalai, Chennai

A beautiful Parrot , Keelkattalai, Chennai

I went to my friend’s house in Keelkattalai, Chennai after a long time. My friend’s relatives were there who came from London. My friend has three kids. So the guest took the kids to a shopping session. When they reached a shop, the smallest kid got attracted buy a pair of parrots in a cage. The gentle man bought it and gave it to the small boy. Each bird cost was 1,500 Indian Rupees.

All the kids were very happy and everyone was taking care of those two birds regularly. One day my friend opened the cage to fill the grains. One of the bird flew away. Every one was sad for at least a week. Still the small boy was regretting about the missing bird. So its always advisable to handle the bird cages with extra caution.

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