Kualalumpur to Genting Highland – Malaysia trip

In the background Genting Highland Hotel, Malaysia

In the background Genting Highland Hotel, Malaysia

When I was in Malaysia, Ramanakumar (Roottu Vayan – ) came to Kualalumpur to meet me. After a long time I met him. I think I met him when we submitted our final year project (M.C.A. project in J.J. College of Arts and Science, Pudukkottai). We shared the same room in Hayath Hostel, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore (Room Number – 6). That time he was interested in C++ and always we could see Ramanakumark with a C++ book. At the same time I  read design related books.

Genting Highlands Hotel, Malaysia

Genting Highlands Hotel, Malaysia

Let me come to the point, from Kualalumpur we planned to “Genting Highland”, Genting, Malaysia. We booked a bus from Kualalumpur to Genting and we reached there. It was a wonderful trip because both sides of the road were completely covered with green trees. Most part of the Malaysia is covered with Tropical Forests.The Climate was so good.

Genting Highland, Malaysia

Genting Highland, Malaysia

After we reached the bottom of the Genting Highland, we traveled in a winch to reach the top of the city. This winch car would take at least ten minutes to reach the top of the highland. That was my first experience in winch to travel almost five kilometers I hope.  While we were traveling in the wing, we saw lots of green trees, animals, people who lived in that region …

We reached there in the evening and we asked the guides about a room to stay. He don’t even speak a word in English, took us to the reception. The receptionist told that the  room would cost  200RM (Ringgit Malaysia – Malaysian Currency). We booked it and reached the room and realized that it was built for family members … almost 2500 square feet area .. two double bed room with king size bed ….

We kept our belonging inside and went out to take some photos. The climate was too cold. We manged that night with some snacks. We went to small casino’s inside the Genting Highland building. I mean some video games … Morning we went to some theme parks near by. We ride a small version of  formula one car racing. Two rounds we drove the car and people from Malaysia, China, Singapore and India were on the track. It was a great fun.

Slow Train, Genting Highland, Malaysia

Slow Train, Genting Highland, Malaysia

we walked around the complete theme park area. Unfortunately we boared a slow time pass train, and we were not able to got down and we spent almost 45 minutes without doing any thing. The slow train supposed to be an attractive mode for kids and old people. 😦  we tried the roller coaster. We covered almost all the places. We missed the snow world and flying coaster.

We had lunch at a North Indian Rajasthani restaurant. The taste was awesome and we had Chicken Biriyani, Mutton fry and some local food items. Most of the time we had their (Malaysian) food and snacks.  It was a wonderful trip … 🙂 Enjoy Traveling friends 🙂
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