Ranganathan street has a great deal to offer

Ranganathan street (T Nagar, Chennai | ரங்கநாதன் சாலை, டீ நகர் சென்னை )  has a wide range of products to offer. Like J.K.Rowling’s Diagon Alley, it is a cobbled street with variety of interesting things queued up by the vendors on the side walks. Walking up this street is a herculean (Displaying superhuman strength or power) task. One has to put-up with the fellow shoppers and the advertisers who pester(continuously calling you to shop in their shop) or persuade you to get into their shops.

Ranganathan Street

Ranganathan Street, T-Nagar Chennai - ரங்கநாதன் சாலை, டீ நகர் சென்னை

The most attractive fact about this street is that the vendors bring in some seasonal things which cost exactly “Ten Indian Rupees”. These things are usually colorful and flashy and they capture the attention of children.


Samosas and Bondas

The ten rupee things include ear-buds, naphthalene balls, teeny weeny toys, Dora items, Spider-man things, caps and hats, then “ Veetukkul Vaanam | வீட்டுக்குள் வானம் ” starlight stickers are simply fabulous (ரம்யமான). The whistles stuck up with color paper, paper helicopters with the rubber band, colorful caps, “fatty patty” pencils with erasers, light pens and different models of key chains. The list goes on and on but I just can remember only these few things.

You can munch all the way when you are in this street. The road-side shops have Sammosas, Chenna Masala, Cauliflower Bajjis, Cakes, Bondas, Puffs, Sweets, Popcorns, 5 rupees Choco-bars, Badam Milk and also soups available in different flavours (Tomato, Veggie and Mushroom etc,.).All in all it is an “Adventure Island”.

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