Drawing Flowers, Spider Man, Dora … (Water Color Painting)

An artist is drawing a Spider Man in Alan's Hand

An artist is drawing a Spider Man in Alan's Hand

In most of our corporate  family day functions  & some of the mega sales seasons in malls,  it  is  nice to see artists drawings in kids hands and cheeks and etc,. In Gurgaon when we attend our TCS family day, Alan got a flower drawing in his left hand and Spider Man (only face) drawing in his right hand.

He was so happy about it. He washed his hands on next day. The hole day he was keep on watching the Spider Man drawing and doing actions like Spider Man as if he became a Spider Man. This was two years back.

Spider Man Drawing

Spider Man Drawing

In our TCS Maitre Family  day 2009, again he got a Spider Man drawing in his hand. But this time he got a bigger one with lots of extras which gave a extra look and feel.  Once in Big Bazaar mall Gurgoan an artist was drawing like this. He was charging 5 Rs per drawing.

We could see these kinds of drawings in the sports fan’s faces (their favourite player’s name / Country name / National Flag / Logo / Interesting creating drawing which will in turn cover the TV camera Man so that their face will appear in TV).

One good thing about this drawing is after reaching home these kids will try to draw the image in a paper 🙂 . My son told the whole story to most of his friends. Bad things is if you wore a light color dress which may get spoiled :(.

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