Angels of Thilak Garden Appartment – Karthikeyapuram, Chennai


Rasika, 6th Standard, Holy Family, Keelkattalai, Chennai

  1. Rasika (ரசிகா)
    Rasika is doing her 6th standard. She is a very good girl. Very few occasions she will quarrel with her mother. She is going for dancing classes. Very intelligent girl. She loves adventure. She is studying in Holy Family School, Keelkattalai. She goes to school in the School van. Daily her mum will carry her almost 10 to 15kg School bag up to the road. She is my best friend and company to play badminton, football, playing cards, Catch and through ..etc., She helps her mum a lot. She uses her ladybird cycle to go to shops to buy whatever her mother asked her to buy.
  2. kavin


    Kavin (கவின்)
    Kavin is a busy boy. Most of the time he will be studying his subjects. He is going to keyboard class. Obedient boy to his father and mother. He love music and his mum very much.  I like watching him when he was playing him cycle game with other kids.  Morning time he makes her mummy to chant/shout his name at least a hundred time. He ride his cycle like a Circus cycle specialist  with a very good balance. 

  3. Robin


    Rabin (ராபின்)
    Rabin also studying in the school where Kavin is studying. Hyper active boy. Loves to play with other kids in the compound. Cycling is his one of the favorite game. His favorite tourist spot is Kishkintha, Chennai. He likes Chicken Curry. Robin has to leave early in the morning to school. He speaks very good English.

  4. Drue

    Dhrue, 1st Standard, D.A.V. , Athampakkam, Chennai

    Drue (ட்ரூ)
    Is the calmest and coolest boy in the compound. Still he speaks like a child. He speaks very slowly and properly in English. He is currently taking a dance class near my home. He is the only guy who likes to play indoor games. Mentally very matured. He never tries to hurt people by his action or speech. Cool guy from Orisa. Speaks Tamil, Hindi and English.

  5. Alan Jeffsan Samuel U.K.G.

    Alan Jeffsan Alfred, U.K.G. , St. Britto's Academy, Velachery, Chennai

    Alan Jeffsan (ஆலன் ஜெப்சன்)
    My son. He is also very hyperactive. Drue is his best friend and mentor. Most of the time Drue and Dlan will play either in my house or in his house. Alan likes noodles and chicken fry. He likes pink  and red colors. Alan is studying in St. Britto’s Academy, Velachery, Chennai. He goes to school in the school van. He likes his school van journey very much than any other trips.

  6. nikhil, Play shool, Chennai

    nikhil, Play shool, Chennai

    Nikhil (நிக்கில்)
    is smallest and youngest of our apartment angels. He is going to play school. He spend less time in school than the time which took to prepare him for the school. He spends an hour in school I hope. He is slowly learning good and a few some bad thing from his friends. He calls every one “Vaadaa … Podaaa”. 🙂

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  1. hey kavin!
    u look good

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