interesting picture – taken in Madurai Thirunagar

A boy selling tender coconut in Thirunagar

A boy selling tender coconut in Thirunagar

Stick no bills – Drink and pay bills

I took this photo in Tirunagar,Madurai. A boy (school boy) was selling Tender coconut. When there was no customer he was studying his text book. Although we (govt)are talking about child labour it is still happening. Another interesting thing you can see a wall saying “stick no bills”. But no one respond to the instruction. Just below that big advertisements are drawn, why because the rules and laws are not strict in our country.

3 Responses

  1. its like a loophole in the Indian law..
    it says stick no bills.. and they didnt stick any bills.. they have painted it… 🙂

  2. It clearly says “Stick No Bills” which is meant for poster boys to not stick movie posters, etc without permission. However, it is common in India that people allow paid advertisements in paiting. I am sure they would have been paid for Ujala and Maxo ads.
    Secondly, child labor is happening. Its true and always there. There are actions being attempted but its not vast enough. Its not easy though.
    The boy may be doing more of a part timing work rather a full fledged child labor work. Lot of kids do this in India to support the family or his education itself on evenings or weekends or even summer holidays. If he is part timing, then he would learn the value of money, real world life, public communication and a lot of negotiation skills. Its good for him and he would study well. I wish him all the best and luck so that soon he gets more time to focus on study rather work ..

  3. I appreciate your effort on that anyway..

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