ANJAC NCC Friends (1992-1995), Sivakasi

B.Sc. Physics – Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal
College of Arts and Science, Sivakasi (1992 to 1995)

My NCC friends, ANJAC sivakasi  (Ayya Nadar Janaki Aammal College of Arts and Science)

My NCC friends, ANJAC sivakasi (Ayya Nadar Janaki Aammal College of Arts and Science)

This photo recalls my old golden memories. After a long time I got this photo from one of my old physics book. I am not able to recollect all my friends name. I am the third person in the bottom row from left to right. Next to me on the left side is  ” Senthil kumar – from Usilampatti near Madurai (B.Sc. Physics)”. Ramasubbu from B.Sc, Botany who is standing in middle of the top row. Standing in the right corner is Sakthi.

The rules and regulations of ANJAC college is very strict.  During my third semester I got typhoid fever. I have to take a rest, so I was absent for college for 16 days. When the semester exams came,  the college didn’t allowed me  towrite the examination because I was absent for the NCC sessions. My father tried his level best to explain the seriousness of the disease I got and he was showing them the medical records and certificates.

But they didn’t accept it. So I wrote the third semester papers along with fourth semester papers and cleared all the paper with first class with God’s grace.The only good thing about this college was everybody will have good marks. They will make you to study. If you are bit naughty then this is not a place to try your tricks.

The college was completely covered by lots of neem trees. Most of the time I was in College GIM or in the play ground i remembered. I was in all teams  except football.

I had a good friend called Saravanan in Hockey team who used to imitate Rajinikanth (Super Star Rajini Kanth – Top Tamil Actor).  He was from Thiruchuzhi near Aruppukottai. From the same city I had one more friend called Thanga Ashok. Twice I visited their native and had good times over there. Remembering old friends is an autograph is’nt?

3 Responses

  1. Dear Alfred,

    I am T.Kamal kumar, of 92-95 batch BBA,

    I was in NCC also.

    Do u remember me?



  2. clooege la rompa puduchathu

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