Thoraipakkam -> Madipakam -> Nesapakkam -> Kodampakkam -> Tambaram -> Madipakkam.

Last to last weekend was hectic (27th and 28th June, 2009). Morning ,I woke up at nine  and munched the newspaper for a while. Then I played with my son for a while and we started downloading some animated cartoon bible stories. We started with playing carom and moved to cards.

Wii Exploration Party

Wii Exploration Party

Deepson and Satish is playing in Wii

Deepson and Satish is playing in Wii

  1. Thoraippakkam: We attented the TCS Maitree Family Day function 2009 at Chennai One building located on the 200 feet Pallavaram Thoraipakkam ring road. My wife and my kid browsed through my office buildings, library, canteen and my workspace.
  2. Madippakam: We reached Madipakkam. After a few minutes of rest (due to rain), I dropped them at Ponniammam Koil Street bus stop. They boarded on V51 bus to get to her sister’s place in Thambaram. I was waiting for Pranjit , my friend to pick me up for a team get together.

    Alfred Samuel & Krish Ashok

    Alfred Samuel & Krish Ashok

  3. Nesappakkam:  After almost 15 calls to my friend Bala,  Pranjit and I reached Bala’s place. On the way, we topped up his mobile and bought samosas and channa Masala.In half the way Bala met us and we all went to “Thalapakattu Biriyani Shop”. We bought biriyani and chicken 65 with and without bone . Ashok brought Saravana Bhavan Vegetarian items. I met Ashok’s brother for the First time.  We played Wii (Tennis game, Boxing game and Snow Bowling). We all had a sleepover too. We were chatting about our college life, school life, previous company experience and travel experiences. I slept around 2:00 am.
  4. Kodambakkam: The next morning I reached Kodambakkam with my friend Selve and from there we went to Thambaram. The moment I got the ticket, a train came from beach to Thambaram. I boarded the train alone after taking leave from Selvaganapathy.
  5. Thambaram: I went to my sister-in-law’s place. We attended the Sunday Morning Service  at the C.S.I. church in front of the Thambaram Railway Station. That was the first time we attended the service there.  My wife bought lots of vegetables and fruits from the roadside shops in Thambaram. Both my wife and her sister were good at buying things in the market (I mean bargaining). My son and my in-law vanished suddenly. They went to a chicken shop and brought 1 kg chicken.
  6. Madipakkam: We reached Madipakkam that evening. Then we visited my uncle Sekar’s House. There we had dinner brought from A2B hotel (next to Reliance Fresh), in Madipakkam.
<img class=”size-full wp-image-726″ title=”Deepson and Satish is playing in Wii” src=”; alt=”Deepson and Satish is playing in Wii” width=”300″ height=”225″ />

Deepson and Satish is playing in Wii


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