Sri Ambika Stores Madipakkam – Carry A One Rupee Coin

Nice initiative from Sri Ambika Stores, Madipakkam.

Last evening I went to the Sri Ambika Stores, Madipakkam to buy idly rice. I was looking the small slip given by my wife.

Shopping method:

  1. We have to get a bill from the counter ( A girl will ask and type the items in the computer).
  2. We have to move to the cash counter to make a payment.
  3. Once we paid the bill, we have to give the bill to the helpers in the shop.
  4. They will take all the billed items and give them to us.

The good thing: The price of the goods here will less than the most of the shops in and around Madipakkam. Because they are selling them as wholesale price.

Best thing: They will ask you to pay One Rupee for the polytehene bag. Its a wonderful initiative. Definitely next time people will think about it and bring their own bags. At least 30 to 40 % improvement it seams. Now people are coming there with their own bags.

Note : They could have put a board saying “You have to bring your own bag or we will charge for the bag. – Let’s make the world green 🙂 ”

Its always advisable to go there with a bag.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Shop Address:  Sri Ambika Stores, 1/349, Sabari Salai, Madipakkam, Chennai – 600091.

Home delivery available –
Phone number : 2258 3720

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