Alan’s Birthday Gift – Life Style

Enjoy the ups and downs of life through game.

Life Style- kids game

Life Style- kids game

To Start: With 2 to 4 player it is recommended to play the game, among the total player 1 player will act as a Bank and will also play the game. Place the board on a flat surface, the bankers sorts money into separate piles and also forms separates piles & also forms separate piles of insurance policies, Stock certificate.  Share the Wealth cards are shuffled, one is dealt to each player and the rest place face down in a pile all of the above will remain with bank.

Life Style- kids game

Life Style- kids game

Playing the game: Throw the dice, higher number starts first, other take turns going clockwise, the banker gives each player one 50/- Rs. & one 10/- Rs. Note all the player will start the game from the START place, and will decide to take their Insurance or not the (player can take the insurance by paying Rs. 50/- to Bank, the banker will give him one Insurance card( and will throw the dice to start his game, the number comes on dice determines the number of spaces you move. If the space is occupied by other players, you must move your dice forward to the first open space.

Notice there are four kind of COLOUR SPACE

  1. Yellow Sapce: Rewards or Penalty takes place when you land in a Yellow Space.
  2. Gold Space: You must land in a GOLD SPACE to take REVENGE on an opponent.
  3. Red Space: The reward or Penalty takes place whether you land in or pass RED SPACE. If you already have a Salary as a Doctor, Lawyer etc, you continue on with that salary to the end of the game.
  4. White Space: When you land in or pass WHITE SPACE you may choose to take the advantage of the opportunity there or let it go. Watch for these opportunity, you can only buy one Stock Certificate and one of each kind of insurance policy.

Pay Day: At the start of the game before you throw the dice, decide if you wish to take the Business route at a Salary of Rs. 200/- or a professional route. If you take the professional route the first turn to right your salary will by designated by the Yellow space you land such as DOCTOR Rs.300/- LAWYER 250/- etc,. & DEGREE HOLDER salary Rs 100/-. This profession remains your through out the game.

Alan is playing Life Style

Alan is playing Life Style

Nobody can take your designated profession (any one of the 5 profession). Each time you pass or land on red PAY DAY space you will always collect the specified amount of your chosen profession. If how ever you do not land on one of the five profession space, you will automatically collect the DEGREE HOLDER salary of Rs. 100/- on each pay day collect your pay immediately you cannot collect after the next player throw the dice. PAY DAY INTEREST DUE when you land on or pass this space you must pay the sum of Rs 150/- as an interest to the bank. One exception is the Space Marked  “DEGREE HOLDER

Share the wealth card: When you land in a PAY DAY space by an exact count, you not only collect  SALARY, you can also draw a SHARE THE WEALTH CARD. There are three kinds. When you have one or more of them keep them face down so only you will know what they are. Use these card when you choose. Use them wisely.

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