Noise Pollution or Worshiping? ஒலி மசுபடுத்தலா இல்லை துதி பாடுதலா?

Madippakkam, Chennai | மடிப்பாக்கம், சென்னை

a loudspeaker placed in front of an appartment in maddipakkam

A couple of weeks back there was festival in my area ( Chennai, Tamilnadu, India ).  People were celebrated a new temple’s opening ceremony. So almost five or six days I don’t know exactly, they ware playing some spiritual songs from morning 5:30am to night 10:00 pm. I was not able to understand most of the songs.

In my area,  I noticed an old couple  (even me – because I usually sleeps at 2 or 3 am :( – morning 5:30 am is like a midnight for me) and a new born 3 moths old baby was not able to sleep properly.

I attended services in many churches all over India.  In few Churches people will be worshiping  in a  loud manner. For every thing there should be a limit.  My personal opinion just forget about political meetings, think about fellow human being before making noise. Especially when you are suing loudspeakers.

No GOD or spritual books advised us to distrub others by making loud noise!