How to pluck mangoes without damage?

Karthikeyapuram, Madipakkam, Chennai

Karthikeyapuram, Madipakkam, Chennai

Last week when I was returning to my home in Madipakkam (மடிப்பாக்கம் கார்த்திகேயபுரம்  சென்னை Karthikeyapuram, Chennai), I was attracted by neighborhood uncle’s hand made instrument which he was using to pluck the mangoes(மாம்பழங்கள்) from a big tree.  In a long stick, at the end he tide a round iron rod. In the circle shaped iron rod he tied a cloth.

how to pluck a mango

how to pluck a mango

  1. First he choose the mango to be plucked
  2. Then he raised this rod towards the particular mango,
  3. Making sure that the mango is inside the ring
  4. he moves slowly to the front side
  5. and pulling it back in high speed
  6. mango is plucked and fall inside the yellow bag without any damage.

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  1. Nice innovation

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