Petty Shop Memories

This Post Is “An Autograph” For Many Of Us.

பெட்டிகடை நினைவுகள்

Most of us have hostel experience in our school/college days. It was a wonderful feeling. Here I am going to share some of my observations and experience. I am writing this post from my past observations.


Usually I buy milk from a “Petty Shop” (Petty kadai – பெட்டிகடை) near my house. When ever I see the shop, I recall my college days.  Those days we will have an account in the petty shop in front of our colleges. The owner will write our names and  how much we purchased daily ,(when we are familiar to the owner). when we got the money from our house on the first week of every month we settled down the bill.

sample bill from a petty shop

sample bill from a petty shop

The same day itself the next month’s account will be opened.  Some of the things in the  shop were cigarettes, snacks (South Indian Special Muruku, Local made bun, cookies, banana, ground nuts, etc,. ..) tea or coffee. When I was studing my Under Graduation (Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College of arts and science, Sivakasi) still I remember a lecturer who has a peculiar habit of smoking  plain scissors cigarette with a 10 paise sweet. Students will also do the same thing with “Nijam paakku / Ajantha paakku” but not in front of the professors/lecturers.

During my post graduation in J.J. College of arts and science, the petty shop was in front of the college owned by Guna anna, we saw his growth from the day one. After I got married I got a chance to visit my college again. That time he was well grown and his small shop has turned into a hotel kind . Lot of students were putting “ground nuts” (கடலை போடுதல்), most of them were imported from neighborhood states. The same thing is happening even today.

In hostel life a month will starts with GoldFlake Kings, and then followed by wills for a couple of days and then Goldflake (Small) and then Sissors and finally last few days of the month will with local sigar (beeeedeeee :)). After five years I  met some of my college mates in Chennai. We will have a habit of gathering in a place whenever a friend of us comes to chennai . Most of them giveup the habit of smoking and few of them still smoke in the office (Without the knowledge of their wife  and family members).

I tried to visualize the monthly Cigarettes consumption ….

Hostel life / College Life

Hostel life / College Life

Enjoy your college life and giveup bad habits when  you enter your new life stream.

Cigarettes Smoking is injurious to health
புகை பிடிப்பது உடல்நலத்திற்கு கேடு விளைவிக்கும்

சும்மா – புகையை கக்குவது சிகரெட்டுக்கு நல்லது அல்ல 🙂

Live long ….