How you could help your friends and relatives in a train journey for emergency situations?

Last Friday I traveled from Chennai Egmore Station to Madurai Junction  with my family members (my wife Jebakani, my son Alan Jeffsan Alfred and my uncle Immanuel Jeyaprakash). Last month itself we were informed about my cousin sister Jensi’s marriage. So we reserved a month before for confirmed ticket. Last evening we attended her marriage. The marriage went well.

Back to my Friday journey. Morning my uncle gave a call to us and informed that he wanted to  attend that marriage. But its very difficult to get a second sleeper ticket on the last day of the travel. So we asked him to take a i-Ticket, Second sleeper ( you have to go to any Southern Railways reservation center and book a ticket and get a normal ticket) . So he took a ticket for the second class sleeper and the waiting list number was 161 (around 11:00am on Friday morning).

That evening when the chart got prepared his waiting list number was 12. Before the train started to leave Chennai we had a discussion with the TTR and requested him politely that we are traveling as  familyand adjusting our seats with my uncle. So he allowed him to travel with us. We offered our son Alan Jeffsan’s seat to him.

I and Alan Jeffsan shared one seat.     we reached Madurai with a happy mood.

Why I paid a Rs 480 as a fine to travel from Dindukal to Chennai.?

A couple of months back I went to Dindukal to attend my aunt’s funeral. After all formalities done I slipped form their house to the railway station with out any one’s knowledge.

So I took a normal open ticket to Chennai for Rs 110. Fortunately my family members was traveling on that same day from Madurai to Chennai in Pandian Express. So I boarded in second sleeper S5 . When the TTR came I asked him to allow me to travel with my family. I thought he would give a bill for the remaining amount which i supposed to pay.

But what happened was completely a different story.

Dindukal to Chennai = Rs    240.00
Fine almost                  = Rs    350.00
Total amount               = Rs   590.00
My general ticket      =  Rs   110.00
Total                               =   Rs 480.00
The amount above here is approximate. I paid Rs 448 or 488, I am not sure. I remember it s around 450. My Ideas here is to explain the users about how the fine calculation works.

That’s why always take a i-ticket, regardless of a waiting list also we will be able to travel. But keep inform about your  ticket condition and your travel importance to the TTR early. So that he will be in a good mood to help us.