Before buying a pair of shoes ….

School shoe - Solemate

School shoe - Solemate

Last evening, after my office hours I went to Ullagaram to bring back my son and my wife. On the way to my house, we thought of buying a school shoe for my son Alan Jeffsan Alfred (Who is going to first standard in St. Britto’s Academy, Velacheri, Chennai).

Alan Jeffsan - Measuring

Alan Jeffsan - Measuring

So we stopped at a footwear shop in Medavakkam main road, Ullagaram, Chennai.The name of the shop is  “Win & Lyn Footprints“. Their punch line is “A multi branded shop where you can feel the difference”. The shop owner Mr. Christo Caret. S welcomed us in a polite manner. Their hospitality was too good.

School bags - Dora the explorer, Spider man & Ben10

School bags - Dora the explorer, Spider man & Ben10

The shop was completely filled with schools boys, school girls and their parents because  school reopens in June after the summer vacation.  Kids were busy in asking / crying to get their favorite cartoon printed school bags. Most of them were printed with Dora the explorer, Spider man, Ben10 and etc,.

Jebakani - choosing a shoe for me :)

Jebakani - choosing a shoe for me 🙂

One the sales man was arguing with a parent. A mother of a boy was asking  best shoe for her son. So the sales person showed her a Rs 1,100 price tagged. She told him that she was not ready to pay that much for a school shoe. Then that guy asked her “What was the boy’s school fee?”. She told that it was around 10,000 for the first quarter.  Then that sales man told, nothing wrong in buying a Rs. 1,100 shoe for boy whose annual fees will come around RS.40,000  for his fifth standard.

After you select a shoe, then what next?

  • First you have go with an old pair of socks
  • After you have chosen the shoes ask your son/daughter to wear socks (Which you have bought)
  • Then ask him/her wear both the shoes
  • Ask them to walk for a while and then ask them are they comfortable in wearing it?
  • Ask them to run for a while and then ask them are they comfortable in wearing it?
  • After that check wheather the shoes has  little breathing space for the kids leg to move freely.


colorful cheppals

colorful cheppals

Win & Lyn Footprints,
Medavakam Main Road,
Upstairs Bank of Baroda,
Opposite to Reliance Fresh,
Ullagaram, Chennai

Phone number: 044-22420021
Mobile number: 9362420021

They are selling Naughyboy shoes, Ballerina Shoes, Scout Shoes and Tennies shoes, scocks, sun glasses ,shorts, chappeles, belt, comb, nailcutter, purse, wallet,  foot care products, polishes, brush, school bags with discounts starting from 10%.

Show care tips:

   –  After long use keep the shoes in a well aired area
   –  Your shoe is not water resistant. Do not wash, soak or wet the shoes
   –  Keep your shoes clean, Wipe off dust, mud or grime on a daily basis
   –  Polish your shoes regularly.

One Response

  1. 1100 for a school shoes is still a bit too much.. even i dont buy that high. I tend to get bored with one model for a long time.. so get a less costy one and i discard it every 6 months to go for a brand new one…

    One important thing is to polish it only with wax polish… shoe shiners and liquid polish must not be used regularly….

    pl check ur blog css with wide screen resolution. it goes haywire on my 1900 reso screen.

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