Southern Railways Superman, Really Super Fast (Egmore Station Chennai)

Indian railways Employee Skills

Couple of weeks back ,I was waiting for Pandian Express in Egmore Railway Station to go to Madurai. After I had my dinner in the Railway canteen for Rs. 14.00 (two dosas). Self service. Each dosa cast me 7.00 Rs only. But the taste was questionable. Not only our country super fast express travel in super speed.

Our southern railway’s employees also do their work very fast like a flash. Have a look at this video our one of the employee how fast he is sticking the reservation chart to the individual rail coaches.

One of our Southern Railways employee  came there with a box containing gum and the reservation chart papers on the other hand. I was amazed by his action. He has taken one or two seconds to apply gum, another one or two seconds to stick the coach number and finally he took almost two to four seconds to stick the reservation chart.
happy journey!