How to travel from Chennai to Madurai if you don’t have a reserved ticket.

I booked a ticket in Chennai Express a couple of weeks back to travel from Madurai to Chennai. That time the waiting list number was 215. I thought I will definitely get the RAC (Reservation against cancellation). But when the chart got prepared I was in the waiting list category only (WL-13). So I decided to travel by bus.

All my family members thought I am going to struggle to get a direct bus to Chennai. I went to the bus stand with my uncle (Mattuthavani Bus Stand Madurai). Outside of the bus stand itself I asked few private buses.  Their ticket cost 375 to 430. But there is one problem with these buses. There were no standard starting time.

Once I had an experience with this kind of bus in Chennai Egmore area.I got the ticket around 9.00 pm and that bus started around 11.00 pm and reached Madurai next day 11.00 am. The guy who sold the ticket said “Sir, there are few seats only left in the bus.” So I bought the ticket in a hurry. But when I reached the bus I came to new very few (three or four) passenger were already boarded. Slowly I realized that reaming seats they have to fill and then only they will start the bus.

Back to our Madurai bus stand, one of the government bus driver helped us with a valuable information. He guided us to the current booking center. In that current booking center I stood in a queue  for almost fifteen minutes and I got a token for RS. 10.00, These are called Special Chennai Buses.

They Issued me the token around 6:45 pm and my seat number was 34. Within five minutes I boarded on the bus. The bus was pretty old, and they charged me Rs. 144.00 to Chennai. Most of the (99%) are normal buses. But if you are in a hurry, these buses are a nice solution to your problem.

tendercoconutIn our travel that bus stopped at three places. In the fist stopping I had two parathas for Rs 25.00 and a Thunder Coconut for Rs 10.00.  One guy went to a shop were a grandma was shouting “Each Rs 10.00”, But the moment he chose a tender coconut, she said that it was Rs 15.00. He said he don’t want than and left that place. She scolded commonly that people are earning much but not willing to spend.

In Thindivanam we got a new driver and a conductor. I  had a coffee for Rs. 6.00.  The new conductor checked the passengers number and we continued our journey.

They started exactly at 7:00 pm and reached Chennai (Thambaram) at 6:00 am. I reached my home safely and back to my regular work.

If you don’t have a reserved ticket, or an emergency trip you have to make, just go to this current booking center and get a token for Rs 10.00.

Thanks to the Madurai Transport Corporation for this wonderful initiative.

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  1. have never dared to try the govt buses to travel long distances. I remember them from my college days. Madurai to Kovilpatti is a 3 hour travel. Sometimes in private buses and sometimes in public. Private buses are faster and seats are comfortable. So we normally avoid govt buses.

    Its high time people learn the fact that just because one earns more, its not necessary for him to get cheated more. 🙂

    • I traveled in government Ultra Deluxe Bus for RS 240. I never had any problem with it. Imagine if your government but got any problem then the conductors will arrange the next buses on the same route. We may not get the same comfort seats like the previous bus. But we will reaching our destination with in a couple of hours delay. Drivers are experienced once. They travel in a safe limited speed. Government buses are always good in my personal opinion. I don’t know how many of them, those who travel in private buses know that we could travel from Madurai to Chennai 144 Rs to 400 Rs. Government A/C buses will cost you Rs 400 if I am not wrong.

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    Nice Blog.


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