Why we have to take a few moments before leaving a super mart?

I paid the bill using ICICI debete cardDid your family members are tempted by the big attractive “mega offer – buy one and get one free” posters. Here is  my experience with super markets / retail stores.

1.  Relience Super, (latest)
No 7, VP Rathinnasamy Nadar Road, Bibikulam, Madurai.

Saturday, 9th May 2009.

I and my wife Jebakani with  my son Alan Jeffsan went to Relience shop to purchase some food  items in a hurry. We have to reach the house as soon as possible because I have to return the vehicle to my uncle.  We bought iddly rise,  weat atta, toordal, moongdal, tomato, banana … here comes the story. Before paying the bill my wife got attracted buy the “buy one get one free offer” placed in front of pillow covers.

check the blue rubber-stamp which will avoide you from checking the bill

check the blue rubber-stamp which will avoide you from checking the bill

Immediately I told her definitely there would be some problem in the billing.(Because of my previous experience with More.com at madipakkam, Relience Fresh at madipakam). These local system (computers used to bill and maintain the inventry) handling computer engineers only knows how to make an offer and some time they will not update the prices of the goods properly.  But she refused and said last time it may be an accidental thing.

She took four pieces of  pillow covers labeled Rs 49.00 (mentioned in the product bar code slip). Fortunately after billing my wife noticed that the billing machine billed Rs 69.00 for each pillow cover.

But bill will be bit focusing because they will show the 1st product once with price. Then the second product with price which will be followed by the same price with a minus sign. (If a product contains an offer of buy one get one free there is no need to print it’s as 69.00 Rs and in the second line -69.00 Rs. Just print once.)

On top of all these confusion they will apply the rubber sign “Thank you” ….. and all. My wife verified with the person who stud on the billing machine. Then the bill forwarded to a shop manager. He took ten minutes to verify it, and then he gave the bill to the customer support counter.

There they tried few times to verify what went wrong? and finally they said they will return the money to me and they will take the product back.

The funniest part is my wife took almost 10 to 15 minutes (I was standing in the queue to pay the bill)  to select four  pieces with same design and same price range. They where simply sending the bill to one person to another. one guy went inside their admin section for almost ten minutes. After that he came and ask me to put sign on a bill which mentioned that I am returning the product. I did that and they asked my mobile number. I wrote down my mobile number.

The man who gave us the bill gave this number as his shop manger's number

The man who gave us the bill gave this number as his shop manger's number

Almost five time I asked that guys that give my the feedback / complaints note book. But they haven’t provided me. I gave them the example, in Chennai we have seen complaint / suggestions note in most of the super marts.

After that we got the money back. But why i thought of writing this post is While the guy is trying to get the change 138 Rs. 

His manager was telling him to give 140 rs …  He said no problem boy just give him the 140 rs we will tally it latter

… Do they train the managers to play with customers feelings. Don’t it look odd to anyone when somebody spoke like that?

I got my money back. Twice I asked why was it happened. They said some problem with the computer. I asked them to remove the remaining pillow covers from there. But they haven’t.

What ever complaints you have made also they won’t immediately remove the problematic product from display. If they could have moved those problematic pillow covers, I would have wrote a happy post.

The way you will be treated by these guys, as if we have done some thing wrong. If there is any mistakes in the bill, immediately they will call another guy (Definitely he won’t be there) he has to come from in side the admin section. Then that guy will cross check you bill for several time in the system which was kept in front of the customer support guy. I thought of calling this MR Karthikeyan. M and left that idea. This number was given by them after I asked for a contact number.

2.  Relience Fresh, (Madipakkam – 9th April 2009)

cardbill 2220 instead of 220 rsI bought some snacks from this shop. I paid my bill using my ICICI C Card. Then that girl detected 2,220 instead of 220 rs. She was trying to cancel that order with out informing me. After the bill came out for 2,220 she got panic and called her supervisor.

He came there, he said he canceled the order and produced me the second bill which said “Void Sale”. He said, with in one day the money will returned to my C Card again.

I check in my card details but i haven’t got any transaction like this.

I am not mentioning Relience is doing wrong. Human errors will happen. But as a customer we should be aware of online banking transactions, If at all some thing went wrong how to overcome from that …  If you have a doubt in your bill feel free to ask them .. what went wrong?

we as customers has to take a few moments before leaving a super mart.

  • Check the products you have purchased are present in the covers.
  • Check the bill at least the product values more than 100 rs.
  • No need of a calculator. Add the values approximately and verify.
  • You have to check the amount of product which you have bought for the offer price.
  • You have to check your bill especially if the guy enters bar code manually.
  • Check the expiry date of food product which holds an offer price.
  • Make sure that you spend at least 2 to 3 minutes after paid the bill.



17 Responses

  1. Good one!.

    Happened several times to me in Big Bazaar. Haven’t left that shop without a fight each time i visit. But since the products are cheaper and there are lot of offers we end up buying there. But till now i haven’t got any complaints on the their products.

    Wanna share one thing, the newly opening A2b restaurant in madipakkam charged me more than my ordered bill, without notifying the manager the bearer canceled the bill. But i noticed the delay and when en quired he admitted the fact that he had over billed the amount. I had a long argument with the guy and got back the money.

    • Well said deep. It’s always good to spend some time to check our paid bill. Especially if we are going as a team to restaurant, definitely we have to check the bill.

      • Hey Alfee,
        Really greatfull to you…Never thought that such things would occur in such big enterprises..
        WIll definitely keep in mind all those things before falling prey to their offers.

      • Alfi, write way to project this and reach bigger audiance is approach the same information with some weekly magazine reporters. that will do the trick…

  2. nice blog.. now got an awareness over these super marts how they make people fool…

    Friends be aware these cheating..

  3. machi,

    Superb awarness article…

    To avoid this kind of problems, we should avoid supermarket parties! namakku annaachi kadai thaan ennaikkum best! 🙂

  4. I couldn’t agree more, these “super marts” are more like “super cheats” and we people always tend to fall for this “BUY-1-GET-1-FREE”, if we just think for a second why we are being given the additional product we won’t touch that but that’s the middle class temptation I guess. Once when I was in Bhubaneswar I had a really bad experience in the “BIG” super mart, I saw an offer stating that if I buy one T-Shirt I get one free, as I was in a need for lots of T-shirts I took it, but when the bill came I was billed for both, when I enquired they said it was a billing mistake and they will rectify it but it will take an hour as the manager was not there, I threw all that I had bought there in his face and stormed out, I mean there is a limit to excuses. But my request to everyone is please check the bill carefully before leaving especially when you have these offers, I have no clue why these people have to do a “+” and a “-” in the bill whenever an offer is taken, can’t they simply have a separate offer section where they can tag all this? The mart people blame it always on the S/W, if that is the real trouble think we can more than help to get it sorted.Great going Alfee i think you are on to something really big.

  5. Great post Alfee !!

    Most of us are not aware that such things can happen at Super Marts. Infact most of us verify the bill, if we buy stuff from a samll store but we usually don’t care to verify the bill for shopping at Super Marts, may be jst because of their brand value. But this article is certainly an eye opener for everyone. I am sure everyone who reads this post will certainly take time out to verify the bill once. Thanks..

  6. Hi Alfee,

    Glad to see your blog posting. Nice article. keep rocking!!! cheers.

  7. Thanks for bringing this out sir.

    I do have my share of experiences with a “Super ‘Big’ Bazaar” , but on a serious note we had a major mix up while we went to get our product billed.

    There was an offer which said Buy-1 and Get-1 free which was valid for two months from Feb-09 to April-09 ( I am not sure of the exact dates ). I bought this in the mid of march, but when I got this billed I dint realise that I was actually billed for both the items. Luckily, my home is just 2 mins away from the store and so I decided to go back, on having shown the bill to the same cashier, he refused to return the money and was a being rude. Ofcourse, things got dirty after that.

    The air cleared and we finally got our money back, we could’ve left him alone had he agreed to his mistake. But we stood by it once the cashier got rude to us.

    However, once we left the store we were happy to put in some manners into him and of course get our money back.

  8. nice blog post to spread the awareness alfee. I do want to check the bill everytime, but in a hurry, i dont do it and go home and then give it a glance. But am really double careful when my card is swiped. I make it a point to look at the swipe machine monitor when he is punching in the numbers.

    Apart from this, I would advice to avoid super markets and big departmental stores whenever possible. Sometimes we may have a need for just a few items. But when we go into a supermarket, we tend to buy a lot of products that we really dont want. Obviously thats their selling point and surviving strategy. But as intelligent consumers, we can avoid it. The regular departmental stores (maligai kadai) is still as good as it was in the past. They cater to the needs of the market and supermarkets creats a need in the market.

  9. Hi Alfee,

    so far I have not faced any issue here, but still its good blog, keep going good awarness.

  10. Its really an ironic article for creating awareness among the peoples.

    Thanks Alfred

  11. Nice Posting Alfred. Everyone Should Know this. Thanks.

  12. I never verified my bill after purchasing in super market, hereafter i will verify the bill definitely. Thanks for posting this article.

  13. Good one! Will be alert when I get into any Super Mart or for that matter any place I do business with.. Thanks!

  14. A good article Alfee…..many of us would have experienced it, but nobody wrote about it.Its really nice that you came up with it. It had happened twice to me as well.There will be a buy 1 get 1 offer,but the price difference wont be much compared to what we would have paid if we had bought 2 separate packs.After that, I check the price tag before taking it to the billing counter.

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